Store your head office policy’s and training for company wide distribution. Set modules that are solely for employees that exclude contractors. Setup all your staff on-boarding in one place


Each work ‘site’ can have specific induction and training requirements. Sites can be separate projects, locations or seperate criteria for sub locations (ie hazardous good area etc).


Choose from contractors, employees, site admins and global admins. Enable HR specific access where needed. Site admins can manage inductions for their site, and be excluded from other sites.

Approved Companies

Create Companies for your users (i.e. their staff) to join. Working with a subcontractor is simple. Create separate training and induction policy for employees and contractors.


Set job descriptions and the required training elements for each. Position specific training and induction processes are a breeze. Create reminders to update expired training elements.


All qualifications, permits, licenses or tickets can be created and set as required or desirable. Prevent users from completing their induction unit required documents are confirmed by your site admin.


A few slides and questions might not be enough. Ensure your Admins verify certain competencies before signing off on inductions. Great for drug and alcohol, evacuation, emergency contacts and fire extinguishers.


Versatile with Content, Inducted App can handle your videos, induction slide decks, training slides and questions.

Self Serve

Distribute your diverse content directly to your Users. Training can be completed off site, in the users own time. Simple to use on any phone, tablet or browser.

Inducted App Plans

Inducted can be tailored to your needs, give us a call to work out the perfect plan for you.


1st Year


  • Up to 100 User
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Modules
  • No Video production
  • $2400 pa there after
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1st Year


  • Up to 500 User
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Modules
  • No Video production
  • $3000 pa there after
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1st Year


  • Up to 1,000 User
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Modules
  • $1000 Video Credit
  • $3600 pa there after
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Set up a Demo

We’ll take you througha full demo from the base user, to the administraiton user. See how simple Inducted really is to create your training content.


Choose your plan

We’ll create a plan specific to your requirements. Need video production? Need further advise? We can even have our team attend your site to complete the on-boarding.


Get Started

You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can have you up and running. Send over your slide deck and we’ll even import the first few segments to help you get going.

See just some of the Features of Inducted App

For a better idea of the capabilities of Inducted, just schedule a Demo Appointment with one of our team.


Join us for a screencast meeting where we show you the raw power of Inducted App.

Sample screen shots from inducted app

Figure 1 - Main Induction Page

Figure 3 - User Ticket & Permit upload

Figure 2 - Corporate Induction (Employees only)

Figure 4 - User Summary and Group Policy Links

These images are just a sample of the power off Inducted. For a further look at Inducted, arrange a Screencast Demo Meeting with our team.